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Go birdwatching — Explore museums — Taste a local specialty — Visit a national park — Shop local artisans — Discover the secrets of a new city —

Getting to know each other will help us both get the best results. During our first 30-minute meeting, we can see if working together makes sense and decide next steps for your travel plans.

Photo: Nicole (Nikki) with her girls at El Yunque in Puerto Rico

About me & NLT

What am I especially good at? Creating a unique travel itinerary for an efficient trip filled with moments of serendipity. Efficiency means more time to enjoy what it is you want to enjoy…

I am always learning and exploring. While I have traveled a lot, I haven't done it all, and am lucky to have a great team of support to help me. Learn more about my professional affiliations, and the resources available to me as a travel professional.

Sustainable travel
Respecting the planet and all those that inhabit it

Travel impacts the world around us, and is profoundly impactful to us as individuals. I do my best to work with companies that have sustainability initiatives, focus on supporting local cultures and businesses, and seek greener options when possible.

I want to help others experience how a well-planned trip deepens relationships and better connects you to the world.